Stuff I Like

One of the things I love about the internet is how easy it is to share information. I am sure you are all so impressed with my blog that you are sharing it with everyone you know, so I figure it is only fair that I share with you some of the stuff that I like from around the interwebs.

In terms of science information, here are a few of my favourite sources of science news and entertainment:

  • ABC Science – News, features, science demonstrations and loads more
  • BBC Science – Same as ABC, but more British
  • Science Alert – News and features from Australia and New Zealand research groups
  • Dr Karl – Stuff from Australia’s most well known science communicator
  • Lost In Science – Blog from a radio show of science news and discussions
  • Dinosaur Tracking – Dinosaurs (and other prehistoric creatures) in the news and pop culture
  • ZOMGScience – Science with a hyperactivity disorder (and lots of naughty words)
  • This Is What A Scientist Looks Like – Breaking down stereotypes of scientists

Of course there are also other, less sciencey things that my eyeballs enjoy being exposed to (although some are still quite sciencey). Be aware that they may contain naughty words or ideas on occaison:

I also like love hearts, Pokemon and hugs. Source: Cowbirds in Love

Some may not be regularly updating at the moment or at all, but they’re still good.



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