Socks & Thongs Science primarily aims to explain some of the weird and wonderful things that are part of what we call science in a way that even non-scientists can understand. Hopefully you will not only be educated by what science has to offer everyone, but also entertained by just how amazing science is (seriously, it’s pretty good). The secondary aim of this blog is to educate people about what a stylish look it is to combine socks with thongs (or flip flops or sandals or jandals or whatever else you may know them as if you are not from Australia).

Lofty: Intrepid Scientific Explorer

Your regular Socks & Thongs scientist is Lofty, a debonair man of the world, currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. After completing a bachelors degree in sports science (including a long forgotten honours thesis on the biomechanics of cricket fast bowlers), he found a field much more interesting to him: science communication. Having completed a Graduate Diploma in this subject he is now qualified to talk about science at science fairs, children’s birthday parties, nightclub openings, funerals, nativity plays, colonoscopies, and lonely nights spent eating ice-cream and watching TV in your pyjamas. To date, no one has employed his services for this.

Let science be your comfort food of choice. Source:flickr

Socks & Thongs Science is Lofty’s way of expressing his love of science with the world and hopefully converting a few more people to appreciate its greatness. He writes about whatever science stuff has taken his interest in the news, in his studies and whatever else he comes across. That may include, amongst other things, furry animals, subatomic particles, exercise benefits, how to attract women, medical advancements, high school physics, dancing and, of course, dinosaurs. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, making obscure references to The Simpsons and writing about himself in third person. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

If you notice any errors, be they scientific, spelling or sartorial in nature, please feel free to contact me via the comments, email (socksandthongs[AT]gmail[DOT]com), facebook or twitter (if I get the whole social media thing working). I will endeavour to fix things if proved wrong, especially if you provide references/links. Please also contact me if you have suggestions for things for me to write about or if you just want to tell me how amazingly funny and smart I am. I’m lonely and appreciate any human contact even if you’re just telling me that I’m, like, hell gayzz!!11!!

So, um….yeah. Enjoy reading!


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