Restyle My Beating Heart

Fashion. It is a lifestyle for many. Hours of time and monetary units of money are spent keeping up to date with the latest fashions, all so that one fits some other person’s idea of what is appropriate.

As you might pick up from the subtle subtext here, I’m not really into fashion that much (despite the timeless fashion sense displayed in the name of this blog). But there is a time of year where I forgo  fabric functionality and join those fashionable fashionistas in the search for sartorial splendour.


Restyle is the brainchild of the Perth Fashion Festival and aims to help out some of the charities that do great work in our local community and the wider world. Throughout the month of August, fashionistas are encouraged to find outfits for each day which have been purchased from Op Shops (second-hand charity shops for those of you not familiar with Australian terminology). The PFF has provided a list of prompts to set the theme for each day, although they are fairly open-ended to allow people to interpret them as they wish.

The theme prompt list for Restyle 2014.

The theme prompt list for Restyle 2014.

They have also selected 7 local fashion bloggers to lead the way, with each representing a particular charity store chain. So there are clearly a lot of groovily garbed people involved in this thing whig may make you wider what am I doing getting involved?

I heard about the event when it debuted last year as I was working for one of the represented charities (paid work, I’m not that nice) and started up a competition with a couple of my co-workers to see who could best embody each day’s theme. Unfortunately I lack their apparel awareness so I had to resort to a combination of creative interpretation of the prompts and a total lack of shame when it comes to embarrassing myself for attention. See exhibit A below.

I was doing it for a good cause OK. What? Attention is a good cause...

A selection of what I came up with last year. What will 2014 bring?

Alas, I lost our work competition by a single point. But I’m not going to let that happen again. I’m back again and this time VICTORY SHALL BE MINE! ALL MINE! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

But despite my ranting, this is not a competitive event and anyone can join in the fun, regardless of your fashion credentials. Check out the Perth Fashion Festival site for more details and post pics of your creations on your social media of choice with tag #restyle2014 (and check out #restyle2013 for inspiration from last year).

To help you out, I’ve prepared a hopefully up-to-date list of Op Shops in the Perth metro area including when they’re open. You might also like to read my top 5 tips for successful Op Shopping during Restyle 2014 and follow my progress on instagram (@socksandthongs).

So what are you waiting for? Get Op Shopping and go show some our fantastic community charities some love and support!!



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