Wakey Wakey, Hands Off Long Breaky

Two and a half years. That was quite some time ago. It was also when I last posted something to this blog. Yes, I was but a slightly-younger-but-still-quite-adult pup back then. With high hopes and a moderate work ethic I had plans to take the blogosphere by storm.

Then I got a job.

And working full-time kinda takes up a lot of your time (plus they started showing repeats of The Simpsons on TV again. I couldn’t miss that).

I knew that blog was in here somewhere

And so this poor old blog became forgotten. Shoved into the cabinet under the bathroom sink, alongside that bottle of expired mouthwash and that jar of mysterious ointment from your grandma’s house with the label that has faded so much you don’t know what it is inside, she (the blog, not my Grandma) grew a light coat of mould and absorbed grime and bathroom odours until that fateful day when you Mum said she was coming to stay the night and you suddenly realised you needed to clean the house for the first time in, like, forever.

Of course, in this metaphor the bathroom is the internet and my Mum is that thought that I should be doing something productive now that I no longer work full time.

It therefore brings me great pleasure to announce that the Interim Discontinuation of Literary Entries (or IDLE) phase is over and I’ll be attempting this blog thing once more. It’ll be a little different as I have a few ideas for how I want to do this thang but hopefully I can keep things going for more than 2 months this time.

Only time will tell…


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